About Us

Kids at TableI have been a preschool teacher for over 4 years now, but have 24 years of experience working with children of all ages.  I have a BA in psychology and an MSW in Social Work.  Some of my most important learning experiences were not in the classroom, but working directly with children, and especially from raising my own.  I am both CPR and First Aid certified.  I am also licensed with the Virginia Department of Social Services.

My Philosophy

Children are to be given the same respect and attention we would expect from them, so they feel valued and loved.  Involving children in discussion and listening to their ideas/opinions is as important as speaking to them in order to teach information.  When a child makes a mistake either socially or academically, I want them to learn from it and to not feel bad about it.  If a child misbehaves, I make sure they understand what they did was wrong, give them an appropriate consequence (usually just  a verbal redirection) and then move on.  I never hold a misbehavior against a child!  Once a child has gotten past their misbehavior, they always have a clean slate with me.

My Approach

Children use all their senses when they are learning, so it is important to use a variety of learning tools to keep children engaged and excited about learning.  For example, what better way to learn about math then to learn through counting games using various manipulatives, songs and movement?  A child feels an incredible sense of pride and accomplishment as they are learning the letters in their name during morning circle as we sing out everybody’s name and spelling it out or when the letter of day happens to be the first letter of their name and they immediately recognize it.

My Curriculum

My curriculum includes the Handwriting Without Tears program, which includes letters, shapes, numbers, fine motor and large motor activities.  This curriculum helps children with the fine motor skills critical to being able to hold a pencil correctly and being able to write neatly and with confidence.  This curriculum uses a number of different ways to teach children number and letter recognition and formation that keeps it interesting and exciting to them.  In addition, I work with the children on improving verbal vocabulary, counting, science, problem solving, critical thinking, social skills, art, music, cooking, cutting, lacing and health & safety skills.